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About Us

About Us

Welcome to our website!

Many times, during our life’s journey we are often asked, “Why are you doing this?” or “How did you decide to do this?” Frankly, I thought life’s experiences brought me to establishing “Cat’s Purrfect Soaps,LLC!” Cat so happens to be my nickname by my closest friends. My goal is creating the best and safest product.

My life has been amazing, and I am thankful and grateful for life’s experiences. My journey brought me to creating natural bath products which I thought started with a soap making class, but it began much sooner. This process began when my daughter broke out in welts from using a leading brand bubble bath when she was three. I thought what it the world could have caused this reaction. We began using
oatmeal bathing products and unscented body butter. For years afterward, she experienced unexplained rashes.

I was inspired to begin educating myself about ingredients in soap and bath products. It is amazing the ingredients that were called beneficial and natural. During this time society’s awareness of product ingredients along with scientific information the internaet became our information highway for product quality information, which is shared internationally.

So after traveling the world with my military husband we settled in Colorado. We left the Netherlands, which is below sea level to above sea level Colorado. Colorado’s climate is very dry so preventing dry skin was challenging to say the least. I believe our household tried every product available, which did not have much success.

After retiring from the medical field I decided to take a soap making class. Wow it was a game changer. I learned the process of combining pure butters and oils to create a soap. The instructor discussed the endless possibilities of creating soap and other body products. The creative side of me began researching the properties of these products and how to create and combine ingredients. I began giving my products away initially, because I loved just making the product and decided to have friends and family test the products. The response was amazing and encouraging.

My daughter, Mary, is all grown up and is my inspiration into the creation of Cat’s Purrfect Soaps. Yes she is the brains of the operation. Through her knowledge of ingredients and being my best product tester we have created some amazing products, which we know you will love as much as we do.

I presently reside in South Carolina, but the concerns are still the same. Hopefully, you will love the products as much as I love creating them.

Much Love to all,
Catherine Lopez Kelly
Owner of Cat’s Purrfect Soaps,LLC